Set Positive New Year Intentions

Welcome the beginning of a new year with our step-by-step guide on setting mindful intentions. Spend time reflecting on the past and focusing on what's important for you this year, instead of making unreachable resolutions.

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1. Setting intentions 

Start off by thinking about everything that makes you feel passionate and fills you with a sense of purpose. Use phrases like 'I want to feel...', 'Help me...' or 'I intend to...'. Visualize your intentions and make a list in your notebook and share it with a close friend who can support you. You can either use one intention a month or one for the entire year. Make sure you repeat it out loud and have easy access to seeing it written down on the go and at home. Once you've set your intention, let expectations go. Give your intention room to breath as you figure out what it means in your everyday life. 

Letts of London Notebooks and Journals

2. Reflection 

Journaling is such a powerful tool for reflecting and setting intentions. Writing it all down onto paper is very therapeutic. Have you taken the time to reflect and acknowledge the past year yet? It's so important that you do this, to think about the highs and the lows, everything you have learnt, new experiences, and what you're grateful for. By recognising your past, you can make way for your future. Start by reflecting on the following areas of your life: relationships, self development, career, family, finance, health & wellbeing. In what areas did you feel you grew and what areas do you need to work on?

Letts of London Notebooks and Journals

3. Choosing a theme 

If setting multiple goals sounds daunting, try choosing one theme for the year. Pick one word or phrase that you want to define the year ahead - use it as a mantra for your everyday life. Write it down, keep it in sight in our selection of Travel Journals, Perpetual Journals, Dotted Notebooks, Ruled Notebooks or 5 Year Journals. Get started and feel inspired with these words and phrases; growth, be present, live without regret, move more, reflect, explore more, start something new, let go.

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4. One month at a time 

Creating a list of intentions each month can be really helpful if your overall goal can be broken down into stages, or if you want to add new habits into your life. It's vital that you revisit your yearly goals or theme monthly - this way you can not only stay on track with your intentions but also learn, adapt and change as you go instead of feeling bound by a resolution you made at the beginning of the year. Make sure you ask yourself 'what made me feel good this month?', 'what didn't feel good this month?' or 'what do I want more or less of going into the next month?'.

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5. Reward yourself 

Once you reach your desired milestones in your notebook, it's time to treat yourself. Gift yourself that handbag you've had your eye on all year, new headphones or even a trip somewhere. By giving yourself an incentive, this will keep you on track throughout the year and make it all worth it.

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